What is Calamity Community & Calamity Books?

“It’s awaesome!’ -Clark

Welcome to the Calamity Community!  The Calamity Community is a website representing the Calamity Books used bookstore in Sheridan, Wyoming, and all of the culture and goings-on that gravitate here.  Calamity Books is a one woman-owned and operated bookstore that is Comprehensive, Inclusive and Diverse.  

The heart of the bookstore are its books.  We have thousands of used books (some new) all with really great prices!  Also, check out our Pay It Forward Program where anyone can pay it forward so that kids get (at least!) ONE FREE BOOK PER KID PER VISIT!

We can also do special orders on new and used books (includes shipping and handling).



PAY IT FORWARD for kids!


The Calamity Books Pay It Forward for kids is really simple.  Tell us at the register that you would like to pay it forward, and for how much.  All of that money will go directly onto a gift certificate that we keep on file.  When a kid comes in, we tell them to pick out a free book, any book fifteen dollars or under, and the gift card will pay for it!  If you would like to help out from afar, please visit Venmo @calamitybooks!


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