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Sheridan, WY 82801

Welcome to the Calamity Books Community!

Calamity Books Welcomes Everyone!

Not only is inclusivity very good for business, it is just the right thing to do.  My sign on the front door says, “We welcome all races, religions, countries of origin, sexual orientations, genders, and abilities.  We stand with you!”

Any good collection of books is naturally inclusive because the medium of writing belongs to all people!  Our local city also happens to have a wide range of diversity. Owner, Camille, has always made an effort to curate content if any part of her collection seems to be lacking.  If it seems like she may be overcompensating in any genre, then it is either by happenstance, or because there is a demand within the community.  She also endeavors for the space to be a safe and brave space.  This means that anyone should feel safe here, and we welcome safe and brave conversation about our unique differences in experiences and opinions, as long as all people involved are being respected and respectful.  

Comprehensive, inclusive, and diverse means anyone and everyone!


What is Calamity Community & Calamity Books?

Welcome to the Calamity Community!  The Calamity Community is a website representing the Calamity Books used bookstore in Sheridan, Wyoming, and all of the culture and goings-on that gravitate here.  Calamity Books is a one woman-owned and operated bookstore that is Comprehensive, Inclusive and Diverse.  Owner, Camille, believes that a really good bookstore should carry books for all members of its community, as well as functionally represent the people of its community, much like a Venn Diagram of all that community’s elements.  

The heart of the bookstore are its books.  Some are donated, but most of them are collected by the owner.  If you are interested in giving books, please visit this page to read about that protocol.  Check back frequently, as sometimes the owner has to limit intake, or is only taking specific books.

PAY IT FORWARD for kids!


The Calamity Books Pay It Forward for kids is really simple.  Tell us at the register that you would like to pay it forward, and for how much.  All of that money will go directly onto a gift certificate that we keep on file.  When a kid comes in, we tell them to pick out a free book, any book fifteen dollars or under, and the gift card will pay for it!  If you would like to help out from afar, please visit Venmo @calamitybooks!

Kids and parents alike LIGHT UP when they hear about this program in the store!  We love seeing kids light up about reading!  We want to help in as many ways as we can to help foster reading as a natural and integral part of our lives.  Everyone deserves to read anything and everything they want to read.  By encouraging community members to help support this ritual of coming to the local bookstore and getting books, we can all support improved literacy in our little town.  

Also, please consider donating baby, kids and young adult books that your own children have already read to the store!  And don’t forget about nonfiction!  ALL children have voracious appetites for information, and deserve to digest as many books as they can in their lifetimes.  THANK YOU!!!!!


Because life is  just too dang expensive!  Please provide an ID where applicable.

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20% off!

20% off!

20% off!


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