Calamity Books’ Intake Protocol:

Donation and Consignment: PLEASE READ as these change frequently!


  • DONATIONS WILL BE SCREENED AT THE DOOR. Please don’t expect me to take all of the books you have to offer, as I have very little space and can only take books with positive resale value.  Thank you for understanding.
  • Please, no damaged books! That includes water damage, mold or mildew (BIG NOPE), animal droppings, food stains, coffee rings, dust. etc.
  • NO CONSIGNMENTS or BUY BACKS without an appointment.  Please CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT if you think you have books that are worth purchasing.  Please consider, that I am not a collector, and that if I buy any books, then they are at a wholesale price based on the current WALK-IN market for books, and not the online market.
  • Donations will be screened at the door.  I will look through to see which books are good choices for my inventory.  I may not be able to accept all books.  If I can’t accept them, then please donate them to a thrift store, or other charity, and please only dispose of them if absolutely necessary or if they are damamged.  Contact the local sanitation department for instructions on proper book disposal. 
  • Any questions?  Please CALL AHEAD.  

Any books that I cannot sell will either go in to a super bargain bin, or I will donate it to places that need it most. I will not re-donate books to local thrift stores.  On rare occasions I will personally keep a book that can be ethically upcycled into any number of art applications in my studio.  I only recycle or trach books if they are damaged.

AT THIS TIME, I can only purchase books for collections that I have pre—screened and have a significant book count.  Thank you for your understanding!

No refunds or exchanges.  Thank you for understanding.



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